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Man walking onstage toward podium before a standing audience (© AP Images)

On election night, the loser’s speech also matters [video]

After the voting booths close, the loser's concession speech confirms the strength of U.S. democracy and the legitimacy of the election.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan shaking hands with President-elect Muhammadu Buhari (© AP Images)

After an election, the losing side can play the most important...

In a strong democracy, the party that loses an election accepts its defeat, knowing the electoral system will afford it another chance next time.
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No double standards here: U.S. elections get international monitors too

As a participating member of the OSCE, the United States has invited international election monitors to ensure the November 8 elections are free and fair.
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A 10-year-old girl could decide our future

Investing in girls' education could boost some countries' economies by billions of dollars, a report says. The age of 10 is pivotal for girls everywhere.
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Boo! Halloween celebrations in pictures

Halloween, celebrated on October 31, has its roots in Celtic culture, but did you know it's celebrated around the world? Check out these photos to see more!
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New York City Marathon brings runners (and volunteers) from around the...

Nearly 10 percent of the volunteers at this year’s New York City Marathon will be exchange visitors from around the world.
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American’s satire on race wins Britain’s famed Man Booker Prize [video]

Novelist Paul Beatty has become the first American writer to win the prestigious Man Booker prize for his satirical work "The Sellout."
Illustration of a police officer standing under the scales of justice (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Here’s how police are held accountable in shooting incidents [video]

When a U.S. police officer is involved in a shooting, departments - often with civilian oversight - investigate to see if the officer should be prosecuted.
Hands holding 'I voted' sticker (© AP Images)

For many Americans, Election Day is already here

The majority of U.S. states allow some form of early voting, either in person or by mail-in ballots. Rules and deadlines differ by state.