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Join this webchat and find out how free data can boost...

Could a new tool energize your business? On December 13, two experts will host a live webcast to discuss open government data.
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Airports look to the sun to save money

Airports around the world are looking sunward to power their facilities — and they find solar energy makes good business sense.
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Violence against women and girls harms everyone

Violence against women and girls is a serious problem worldwide, but it is preventable through effective laws that protect them.
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Campfire diplomacy in Russian Siberia

ShareAmerica intern Zoe Swarzenski, a student at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, writes about her visit to the mountainous Russian region of Siberia.
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I paid a bribe and I’ll tell you about it online

Entrepreneurs and activists are using technology to fight corruption and graft, and the cultures that create it.
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Turkish studies flourish at Binghamton University in New York

Undergraduate students at Binghamton, in upstate New York, can now take advantage of the school’s expanding Ottoman and Turkish studies program.
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‘Photosynthesis on steroids’ could pump up crop yields

Scientists in the U.S. have hacked a plant's genes to make it use sunlight more efficiently, a breakthrough that could increase the amount of food grown.
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What are YOU doing to stop gender-based violence? [video]

Gender-based violence victimizes one out of three women worldwide. A new initiative challenges everyone to take action to end this worldwide scourge.
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Women entrepreneurs are changing the face of business in Turkey

Awareness is growing in Turkey about entrepreneurship. There are now networks and incubators to help budding entrepreneurs find mentors and investors.