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A baby leopard crawling on a man's head (© Grahm S. Jones/National Geographic Photo Ark)

U.S. photographer hopes to save animals by taking pictures of them

American photographer Joel Sartore is collecting animals to save them, but instead of placing them in an ark, he’s taking their pictures.
Group of people standing outdoors for photo (Courtesy of Launch)

Magnificent 77 to the rescue!

Can 77 science-based business ventures save the world? These businesses worked with an organization called Launch to do just that.
Panoramic view of vast array of mirrors at solar energy project (© AP Images)

For former coal workers, renewable energy means renewed job market

As the country shifts from traditional energy sources to renewables, there is a growing demand for workers. Former coal workers could fill this gap.
Michelle Obama and Barack Obama dancing (© AP Images)

5 discoveries from Obama’s playlist

What do your music preferences say about you? Reaching Number 1 globally on Spotify, President Obama may have discovered a new career as a playlist maker.
Poster drawing of Old Faithful geyser on left and photo of same geyser on right (Library of Congress and © Getty Images/National Geographic/Walter Meayers Edwards)

Vintage posters reveal America’s most beautiful places

Take a trip down memory lane ... and across the U.S.! These vintage national parks posters show America's evergreen beauty.
Bright and colorful circular dance floor with costumed dancers (© AP Images)

Rio top shots

See a selection of “top shots” from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, showcasing amazing athletes and colorful ceremonies.
Illustration of female professional emoji standing in front of rainbow (Google)

New emoji send a message about women

Coming soon to your smartphone keyboard: equality. New emoji will reflect diversity through professions and skin-tone options.
People sitting at tables in restaurant (Courtesy of José Sánchez Preisig)

Connecting cultures while learning a new language too

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language but not had luck in the classroom? This Chilean entrepreneur has a solution: Join a conversation group.
Banner showing event details (State Dept./C. Person-Ferranto)

Explore conservation and culture with top ecologists in August 23 webchat

What's a world without diversity? In both culture and biology, variety is key. Join a live webchat August 23 about culture and conservation.