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How one community in South Africa gets jobs and electricity [video]

Every community needs jobs and electricity. One company in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, supplies both.
Egyptian burial sarcophagus (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

Stolen Egyptian treasures are homeward bound

Thanks to a groundbreaking agreement between Egypt and the U.S., some priceless Egyptian antiquities stolen by looters are being returned.
Aerial view of solar panels surrounded by forest on island (SolarCity)

U.S. island in South Pacific goes solar

Remote Ta'ū Island in American Samoa switched from burning 300 gallons of diesel fuel a day to nearly 100 percent solar power. How did they do it?
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Can you force innovation?

People with successful businesses say the idea for their venture came to them “out of the blue.” But many experts believe that innovation follows patterns.
John Glenn (© AP Images)

John Glenn, the first American in orbit, has died at 95

John Glenn, who became the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth and the longest-serving senator from Ohio, died December 8 at age 95.
Xi Jinping and Terry Branstad raising wine glasses for toast (© AP Images)

Trump’s choice for top China diplomat has long ties to Xi

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is President-elect Trump's pick as U.S. ambassador to China. Branstad has known Chinese President Xi Jinping for 30 years.
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How human rights diplomacy turns into real change

“Human rights” can sound like an abstraction, but the work governments do to protect human rights can make the difference between life and death.
Black-footed ferret peeking out from pipe (© AP Images)

Rare ferrets thrive with daring conservation strategy

Dozens of slinky, ferocious and rare black-footed ferrets are making new homes in Colorado, one year after they were released at a wildlife refuge.
Face painted over pothole in street (Twitter)

Satire: The best way to expose corruption or injustice?

If you can find a way to entertain people as well as inform them about a serious issue, you may have a powerful tool for change at your disposal.