If you’re planning to study in the U.S., you’ll need to know what it costs, what kind of college is right for you and how to get your visa. But you probably have much more specific questions nagging at you.

On June 18 at 13:00 UTC, join Education USA’s video webchat with international students who are excited to share details about their experiences studying in the U.S. They’ll discuss American culture, how to thrive academically and socially on a U.S. campus and how to turn your U.S. education into a successful career. They know just how you feel about getting answers to all the specific questions that are important to you.

“I didn’t know what winter in America felt like,” said Ishaba Haque, a senior at George Washington University in Washington, who is from Bangladesh. “The whole weather thing was a big deal, and I didn’t know how to prepare for it.” She laughs too at how she didn’t know about the American custom of tipping the waiter or waitress in restaurants. She learned quickly the first time she ate out at a U.S. eatery. She did not leave a tip, and as she left, she noticed several staff looking at her. “They just glared at me,” she said. (Tipping is customary for taxi drivers too.)

Lorena Cabrera, from the Dominican Republic and a recent graduate of American University in Washington, was surprised at the difference between her American professors and those at home. “The professors in America are more approachable, and they want you to approach them.”

Ask your questions of Haque and Cabrera, as well as Patrick Wang and Alejandro Radonski, both of whom attend American University. Take your first step, and log on!