A new photo every hour … America votes!

Voting takes place around the U.S. on November 8, when turnout is expected to be high for a historic election. Here are some photos of events around the country. Check throughout the day for updates.

Woman holding hand to her face with other people in crowd (© AP Images)
People react to results as they watch a TV screen at an election night party at the U.S. Embassy in London. (© AP Images)
Man in city square smoking cigar and looking up as others do the same around him (© AP Images)
Howard Nizebeth stands in a crowd watching news updates at Rockefeller Center in New York City. (© AP Images)
Woman in hospital bed filling out ballot with baby in crib next to her (© AP Images)
With her newborn son by her side, Lara Ibrahim fills out her election ballot from her hospital bed in Los Angeles. (© AP Images)
Room full of people voting at polling booths (© AP Images)
Voters take to the polls in Salt Lake City. (© AP Images)
Man reaching from truck window to place ballot into box (© AP Images)
City worker Dan Chappell stretches from his truck to insert his ballot in a drive-by drop box in Portland, Oregon. (© AP Images)
People marching with signs (© AP Images)
Dillard University students in New Orleans march together to the polls. (© AP Images)
Man gesturing to person to enter door (© AP Images)
A voter receives a warm welcome at a Tempe, Arizona, polling station. (© AP Images)
Hand waving under U.S. flag (© AP Images)
Roy Brook, 67, of Bessemer, Alabama, waves to passing cars to encourage people to vote. (© AP Images)

People standing in line in early morning (© AP Images)
Early voters line up at 6:30 a.m. in Cincinnati. (© AP Images)
Man casting ballot (© AP Images)
The first voter in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, where citizens cast their ballots just after midnight to launch Election Day, drops his ballot into the box. (© AP Images)
People casting ballots (© AP Images)
New Jersey voters at a voting booth at Hoboken City Hall. (© AP Images)
Person holding ballot, which is enclosed in secrecy folder. (© AP Images)
A Des Moines, Iowa, resident waits to cast her ballot, which is enclosed in a secrecy folder. (© AP Images)