Apple turns (Red) for World AIDS Day

Red apple sign in store window (© AP Images)
Shoppers in Hong Kong visit an Apple store, which bears a red logo to focus attention on World AIDS Day. (© AP Images)

Apple Corporation is marking World AIDS Day by giving more than 400 of its stores a makeover in red.

The U.S. tech giant says stores on five continents are turning their logos red or featuring red window decals on December 1 to raise visibility for World AIDS Day. The logo remake and new product launches support (Red), a multibrand effort to raise money to fight the spread of AIDS in Africa. One focus of the campaign is to end mother-to-child transmission of the disease, thereby achieving a generation that is AIDS-free at birth.

Apple is adding four new (Red)-themed products to its lineup, including iPhone cases and Beats headphones. Apple’s App Store is offering (Red)-themed purchases. The company says it will donate up to $1 million to (Red) from money raised through Apple Pay.

According to the Washington Post, Apple’s partnership with (Red) is part of Apple chief executive Tim Cook’s efforts to expand the company’s philanthropic reach. (Red) was founded by Irish rock star Bono, lead singer of the band U2, and U.S. philanthropist Bobby Shriver in 2006.