Visiting the United States? There are 50 states to see. The Grand Canyon in Arizona draws visitors from around the world, and the warm climate and American Indian culture keep people coming back.

“Absolutely unparalleled,” said U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt of Arizona’s Grand Canyon in 1903. At 446 kilometers long, 29 kilometers at its widest, and up to 1.6 kilometers deep, it’s one of the world’s natural wonders. If you join the 4 million who visit it each year, leave time also to explore the state’s many Native American heritage sites, and be sure to grab a chimichanga — the deep-fried burrito that some say was invented here.

Bring your sunscreen! In Arizona the sun shines 85 percent of the time. That’s more than in Florida, and even Hawaii.

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Don’t need binoculars for this

It’s open year-round, so you can enjoy views of the Grand Canyon by hiking, camping or painting!

Burritos, fried

Legend says the chimichanga — a deep-fried burrito — was invented in Arizona.

American Indian cultures

Several American Indian tribes have long-standing ties to Arizona, so the state regularly hosts powwows — social gatherings where American Indians meet, dance, sing, socialize and honor their cultures. Here, a young American Indian powwow participant performs a hoop dance in Phoenix.

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Up in the air

At up to 1,600 meters deep, the Grand Canyon can be seen from space! Want an aerial perspective? Treat yourself to a thrilling helicopter ride and experience the canyon as never before.

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Did you know?

The state gemstone, turquoise, is often featured in Native American art and jewelry.