As the wall goes up, illegal immigration goes down

While the wall secures America’s southern border, the U.S. government continues to work with neighboring countries to curb illegal immigration.

The border wall’s construction reached 160 kilometers last week. According to the White House, since construction began in Arizona and California, illegal immigration has dropped significantly. The White House reported that illegal crossings are down 24 percent in Tucson, Arizona. In San Diego, they’re down 27 percent. And in Yuma, Arizona, they are down over 78 percent.

Tall, see-through wall along dirt road, with overlaid quote from President Trump on illegal immigration (State Dept.)

Recent data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirms that illegal immigration border-wide has fallen over the past seven months.

In addition to the wall, agreements with El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico are preventing immigrants from making the dangerous journey across Central America. Curbing the flow of illegal immigrants will benefit all nations by deterring human traffickers and drug cartels from taking advantage of people making the journey.

As President Donald J. Trump said in September during a visit to the wall in California, “The success is going to be when the wall is built, when human traffickers can’t go through.”

Tall, see-through wall along dirt road, overlaid with quote from President Trump on wall construction (State Dept.)