Asked and answered: Pompeo responds to Iranians [video]

In a virtual exchange with Iranians and members of the Iranian diaspora, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo answered questions submitted to USAdarFarsi, the U.S. Persian-language platform.

From the more than 100,000 submissions during the month of February, Pompeo answered questions about the United States’ support for the people of Iran, U.S. sanctions against the Iranian regime and how those policies affect average Iranians.



One questioner raised the subject of regime officials who send their children out of Iran to be educated.

They’re taking your money and they’re sending their kids abroad to go to school,” Pompeo said, “to shop, to benefit from the very freedoms we have here in the United States because … their country is not good enough for their [families].”

Pompeo assured his audience that U.S. policies are intended to punish regime members committing human rights violations against the Iranian people.

Despite tight Iranian government control over content and user behavior, 60 percent of Iranians are online. USAdarFarsi reports that 60 to 70 percent of its followers reside inside Iran.

Pompeo encouraged questioners to apply for visas to study in the United States.

“We have many Iranians here today, and I think they’re getting a great chance to see the freedom the United States has,” he said. “When they return back to their country, we hope they’ll work toward getting freedom in their country too.”