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Aerial photo of bridge over river (© NoriD'Petir/Shutterstock.com)

U.S. and ASEAN utilities join to address water issues

World Water Day is March 22! Learn about the various partnerships between U.S. and ASEAN urban water utilities that address water challenges.
Vice President Harris and Polish President Andrzej Duda standing behind lecterns (© Saul Loeb/AP Images)

Vice President Harris calls U.S. commitment to NATO ‘ironclad’

Vice President Harris affirmed America's support for NATO allies on a recent trip to Poland and Romania and denounced Putin's aggression.
Filing cabinet drawers full of file folders holding paper (© Shutterstock)

How anyone can request government records

In the United States, anyone can use the Freedom of Information Act to find out what the government is doing and how it's doing it.
President Reagan shopping for Valentine's Day cards (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library/National Archives and Records Administration)

In the Valentine’s Day archives: Love from presidents

U.S. presidents aren't shy about showing their wives some love, especially on Valentine's Day. Read some of their love letters — and tweets.
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The Lovings paved the way for interracial marriages

Valentine's Day celebrates love, but it was once illegal for interracial couples to marry in certain U.S. states. The Lovings helped eliminate those laws.
Men in coveralls and hard hats pushing wheelbarrows in a mountain valley (USAID/Gabriel Rojas)

Why protect wetlands?

World Wetlands Day is February 2. Educate yourself on why wetlands matter and how the U.S. government is restoring and mapping them.
Park ranger speaking and gesturing to two tourists (© Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

How public parks honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Learn about the significance of parks and trails named after Martin Luther King Jr. and how parks, and access to them, shaped his activism.
Illustration of woman wearing suit and gesturing while standing behind lectern (State Dept./D. Thompson)

U.S. mayors come from all walks of life

In many American cities, being a mayor is a part-time job. Learn about some of the interesting full-time jobs they have — and why.
People around replica of Lady Liberty with original statue in background (© Adam Hunger/AP Images)

Replica Statue of Liberty reflects the ideals of her famous big...

A small Lady Liberty statue that France sent to the U.S. spent Independence Day on Ellis Island near her iconic big sister. Where is she now?