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Rex Tillerson at microphone (© AP Images)

Trump picks Rex Tillerson to lead State Department

President-elect Trump announces ExxonMobil's Rex Tillerson as his nominee to be secretary of state, calling him an "international deal maker."
Black-footed ferret peeking out from pipe (© AP Images)

Rare ferrets thrive with daring conservation strategy

Dozens of slinky, ferocious and rare black-footed ferrets are making new homes in Colorado, one year after they were released at a wildlife refuge.
John Glenn (© AP Images)

John Glenn, the first American in orbit, has died at 95

John Glenn, who became the first U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth and the longest-serving senator from Ohio, died December 8 at age 95.
Xi Jinping and Terry Branstad raising wine glasses for toast (© AP Images)

Trump’s choice for top China diplomat has long ties to Xi

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is President-elect Trump's pick as U.S. ambassador to China. Branstad has known Chinese President Xi Jinping for 30 years.
Four tobacco plants (© AP Images)

‘Photosynthesis on steroids’ could pump up crop yields

Scientists in the U.S. have hacked a plant's genes to make it use sunlight more efficiently, a breakthrough that could increase the amount of food grown.
Red apple sign in store window (© AP Images)

Apple turns (Red) for World AIDS Day

Apple Corporation is marking World AIDS Day by giving more than 400 of its stores a makeover in red and raising money to fight AIDS in Africa.
Woman standing on a dock with a ferry boat in the water behind her (© AP Images)

Ellis Island exhibit revives New York’s lost Little Syria

Thousands of immigrants passed through Ellis Island before starting new lives in the U.S. Learn about a community that once flourished in Lower Manhattan.
Peggy Whitson in space suit (© AP Images)

U.S. astronaut sets record as oldest woman in space

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson just became the oldest woman in space, adding to her long list of barrier-breaking records.
Two people in canoe on lake in foreground; forest with autumn foliage in background (© AP Images)

Hundreds of U.S. businesses voice support for climate agreement

Over 300 U.S. businesses, many from the Fortune 500, signed a statement renewing private-sector support for the Paris agreement on climate change.