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Nelson Mandela smiling (© AP Images)

What do Nelson Mandela, George Washington and a Roman consul have...

What do Nelson Mandela, George Washington and Roman consul Cincinnatus have in common? Each walked away from political power.
Three girls wearing headscarves (Courtesy of Corinna Robbins/Mercy Corps)

Meet 5 U.S.-based groups helping displaced Syrians

Aid for Syrian refugees doesn't just come from the government. These organizations are providing food, medical care, educational tools and hope.
Clownfish in coral (Wikimedia Commons)

Saving Nemo and the other creatures of the ocean

Clownfish, just like the star of “Finding Nemo,” may soon be listed as endangered because of the environmental damage being inflicted on our oceans.
Raef Haggag (© Akbar Sayed)

He sings about an America that is home to immigrants

For Egyptian-American musician Raef Haggag, faith and patriotism go hand in hand; his belief fueled a musical project that is bringing him renown.
Young men and women seated at desks with course materials in classroom (Courtesy of AMIDEAST)

Why wait for a job? These young people create business opportunities...

Entrepreneurship is flourishing in the Middle East, where nearly half the population is under 25 and youth unemployment hovers around 30 percent.
American and Egyptian entrepreneurs seated, looking at tablet (Courtesy of RISE Egypt)

Egyptian ingenuity attracts investment and mentors

Global partners who believe in the power of Egyptian entrepreneurship have helped startups, such as e-waste recycler RecycloBekia, overcome challenges.
Illustration of arm with flexed muscle topped by buildings (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Is your city a ‘Strong City’?

Cities across the globe should help each other make use of the tools available to protect their citizens, Secretary of State John Kerry says.

Nadia Ibrahim, advocate and Ms. Wheelchair Maryland

Advocate and volunteer Nadia Ibrahim has been reaching out to her community and regions in the Middle East for disability rights.

‘Let Girls Learn’ breaks down barriers to education

Let Girls Learn, an initiative involving the Peace Corps and local communities, aims to expand access to education for girls around the world.