M. Scott Bortot


Global coalition reaffirms strategy to degrade, defeat Daesh

Anti-Daesh global coalition members reaffirmed their international will to defeat the terror group during a recent meeting in Paris.

U.S. expands commitment to Tunisian democracy and economic growth

The U.S. is offering $500 million in loan guarantees to support Tunisia’s economic reforms and seeks to designate Tunisia as a major non-NATO ally.

Obama reaffirms ‘ironclad’ U.S. commitment to Arab Gulf security

With many important security interests to discuss, President Obama and leaders from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries spent May 14 at Camp David.

Help for Yemen: Kerry welcomes ‘humanitarian pause’ in conflict

In a visit to Saudi Arabia, Secretary of State John Kerry calls for peace in Yemen and humanitarian support for its people.

Unsafe working conditions take lives, harm global economy

Safety and health at work is a basic human right; however, job-related injuries and sickness kill more than 2.3 million people annually.

Who can counter violent extremism? You can.

“Too often, we approach youth as the passive recipients of campaigns to counter violent extremism, rather than active participants in shaping their strategy and spearheading their implementation.” — Ambassador Power

Global coalition unwavering in fight against Daesh terrorists

Special presidential envoy John Allen says the international community will not waver in its collective resolve to degrade and defeat Daesh.

Iraqi and American efforts push back Daesh as Iraqis build their...

The U.S. commitment to Iraq’s democracy has not wavered, President Obama affirms as he welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to Washington.

Algeria and the United States partner against violent extremism

At the Strategic Dialogue between the U.S. and Algeria, the two nations discuss strategies and their commitment to fight terrorism and violent extremism.