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Two versions of solar eclipse stamp (USPS)

Live stream a solar eclipse … or experience it on this...

A new U.S. stamp is the first stamp depicting a solar eclipse that is printed in thermochromic ink, which changes color when you touch it.
Trout swimming in stream (Wade Fredenberg/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Using eDNA, biologists reveal a river’s creatures

Environmental DNA testing is transforming the field of biology, by making it much easier to detect different species in rivers and streams.
Group of cheetah cubs in straw bed (Courtesy of Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)

Cheetah cub boom: 10 in a week! [video]

Two litters of cheetah cubs were born during a single week at the Smithsonian Institution’s research facility.
Formal garden with fountain and covered patio (Courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden)

Ottoman garden traditions are alive in St. Louis

The Bakewell Ottoman Garden, part of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, recreates the great gardening traditions of the Ottoman Empire.
Collage of Russian stamps (State Dept.)

Smithsonian’s rare Russian stamps

One of the world's greatest collections of stamps from Imperial Russia is in the Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum in Washington.
Close-up of two pairs of hands planting cedar sapling (Courtesy of the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative)

Restoring Lebanon’s cedar forests

The legendary cedars of Lebanon, long threatened by deforestation, are making a comeback, thanks to a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service.
Man holding onto railing on boat on open water; larger vessel in background (©

African nations unite to combat illegal fishing

One in four fish is caught illegally in the waters off East Africa. A global campaign using satellites aims to stop pirate fishing.
Frog poking its head out from clump of Azolla ferns (Nigel Cattlin/Alamy Stock Photo)

Can this tiny fern save the world — again?

Scientists are trying to learn more about Azolla, a plant that might help reduce man-made climate change — but there are some challenges.
Woman dressed in hospital scrubs seated at microscope (Courtesy of KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for TB-HIV)

Joining forces to combat the deadly duo of HIV and TB

Two research organizations in South Africa are joining forces to form a new institute to combat the HIV and tuberculosis co-infection epidemic.