Michael Buchanan


Crowdsourced climate solutions shine bright at MIT lab

Why don’t most solar panels follow the sun across the sky? Eden Full invented a cheap way to do it. What's your climate idea? Join the community!

Do you know the world’s most trafficked mammal?

Although not well-known, all eight species of pangolins are threatened by wildlife traffickers who falsely sell the animals' scales as medicine.

COP21 carbon pledges mean lower emissions

Countries pledging to reduce carbon emissions are taking different paths to #ActOnClimate.

Honored by Obama, she has an inclusive new recipe for success

Jimena Flórez, through her healthy snack company Crispy Fruits, is partnering with cacao farmers in Colombia and supporting organic agriculture.

India’s ‘River from the Sky’ fills village reservoirs

An Indian entrepreneur designs a rainwater collection system that provides clean drinking water for thousands of residents of villages in Rajasthan.

Good news for elephants in 2016? Ivory prices plummet.

Elephants have a lot to celebrate: Ivory prices have fallen due to greater awareness about the poaching crisis and better cooperation against traffickers.

When President Obama shared lunch with a grizzly bear

President Obama appeared on the TV show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls," where he encountered glaciers melting due to climate change and a wild bear.

This woman drives spacecraft for NASA

Alice Bowman heads the NASA team guiding New Horizons, the first spacecraft to get a good look at Pluto and its moons. Next destination: the Kuiper Belt.

Alondra de la Parra raises her baton, and classical musicians make...

As a sophomore Alondra de la Parra launched the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas, featuring performers from 22 countries, and quickly made headlines.