Michael Buchanan


Combating climate change with cool tech

“The truth is, if we adapt existing technologies … there’s still going to be a big gap to fill,” according to President Obama.

NASA needs new astronauts: Would you have what it takes?

As NASA starts its search for the next space explorers, and potential travelers to Mars, Mexican-American astronaut José Hernández shares his experience.

These voices identified our universal human rights

The new U.N. Commission on Human Rights faced the tough job of writing a declaration that rose above national politics and ideology to define human rights.

How can people at risk adapt to new climate realities?

Climate change negatively affects agriculture, health and homes. The U.S. is investing in climate-resilience projects along with new technologies.

These eco-friendly firms #ActOnClimate

U.S. businesses are serious about climate change. More than 80 huge corporations have signed the pledge to #ActOnClimate.

Almost everybody’s in … high participation raises spirits before climate summit

At COP21, participating countries are planning on adapting to and slowing the effects of climate change. Do you know what your country is pledging?

He won a Nobel Prize, and helping students is in his...

Nobel laureate and microbiologist Aziz Sancar helps students from his native Turkey adjust to the U.S., and introduces U.S. students to Turkish culture.

The future of green tech: Reinventing the wheel (literally)

How can your everyday actions combat climate change? Here are five ways tech is transforming transportation.

‘Genius’ shapes healthier hospitals

Gary Cohen of Health Care Without Harm, a MacArthur "genius grant" recipient, urges hospitals to practice a higher standard of sustainability.