Michael Buchanan


Nigeria stops polio. Now what?

In 2012, Nigeria accounted for half of the world’s cases of polio. Now it hasn’t seen a new case in more than a year. What does this mean for the world?

Teen scientist sees green power in guitar strings [video]

Working with recycled materials, 15-year-old Sahil Doshi has developed the PolluCell, a battery that generates electricity by sucking CO2 from the air.

On the march for elephants and rhinos

The ground will move October 3 to 4 as the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos thunders through your area. These animals are being hunted to extinction.

Your chance to be a deep-water explorer

Scientists are exploring the deep waters around Hawaii, finding forests of coral, an interesting crater and new species. You can be part of it!

Zero Emissions Day? It’s every day at these houses.

On September 21, the world seeks to minimize use of fossil fuels on Zero Emissions Day — not a problem for these homes built for the Solar Decathlon.

Here’s why you need to care about Arctic melting [video]

Scientist Piers Sellers says the Arctic is melting fast, and you can already feel it.

Even in oil-rich Texas, ‘solar makes sense’

The iconic oil derricks of the West Texas horizon may soon be overshadowed, as solar panels and wind turbines drive a renewable energy rush.

Rate your food — or your government

Soon customers of six passport agencies will be able to rate the services they receive on the review site Yelp.

They conquered the Internet. Next up: Elephant poachers.

Google, Facebook and eBay join a new alliance to save elephants and other wildlife. Do you know the different ways elephant poaching causes damage?