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Four winners of 2016 World Food Prize (World Food Prize Foundation)

African scientists, U.S. economists share 2016 World Food Prize

This year's winners have worked to treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies by developing fortified crops and convincing people to plant and eat them.
Nine photos of Nina Brodskaya singing (Courtesy of Nina Brodskaya)

Songstress Nina Brodskaya’s journey from Moscow to Brooklyn

Nina Brodskaya was discovered at age 16 singing in a Sochi beach resort. After becoming a star, she immigrated to the United States.
President Obama sitting on stage with panelists (© AP Images)

You’ve invented the next big thing. How do you protect it?...

Think you invented the next big thing? Protect your idea and learn more about intellectual property (IP) and your rights.
Apple Macintosh computers in manufacturing line at plant (© AP Images)

In Silicon Valley, bright ideas blossom into billion-dollar businesses

It's more than a place that rewards innovation and tolerates failure, where young entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have found success. It's a mindset.
Promo graphic for entrepreneurs offering advice on the perfect pitch (GIST Network)

Learn from the pros how to sell your startup idea

Have a business idea but need funds? Join a webchat with entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman and Smyrna Capital's Oltac Unsal June 21 to get tips to win investors.
Actors in costume standing line and holding hands (© AP Images)

This hip-hop, multiracial musical is smashing records and revolutionizing American views

The rap and hip-hop Broadway musical "Hamilton," about the life and death of Alexander Hamilton, first U.S. treasury secretary, won 11 Tony Awards.
Man scanning his passport using a kiosk (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Welcome to the U.S. Now wait just a minute.

Thinking about traveling to the U.S.? You used to have to worry about long customs lines at the airport. Now, kiosks help you reach your destination faster.
People walking and sitting in an office building (Courtesy of MATTER)

In health care, Goliaths look to startups for ideas

Pharmaceutical companies invest in startups in the search for new drugs because, according to an industry expert, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”
NATO flag waving (Shutterstock)

NATO membership open for countries that share democratic, free-market values [video]

NATO membership has its benefits, like a general rise in GDP, but it requires a shared belief in democracy, a free economy and a unanimous vote.