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Reflection of person wearing protective gear (© AP Images)

Diseases fly across borders, and these detectives go where the action...

Diseases don't have boundaries. When viruses like Zika, Ebola, MERS and SARS show themselves, these detectives head for the outbreak.
X-ray displaying on TV screen in hospital (© AP Images)

U.S., Europe tackle health challenges together, with technology

New initiatives are bringing health-care professionals together to determine which data points are vital for overseas care while protecting patient privacy.
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U.S. recommits to helping the world end genocide

The Atrocities Prevention Board monitors worldwide threats to civilians, takes steps to prevent atrocities and, if prevention fails, mobilizes a response.
President Obama and Shinzo Abe shaking hands (© AP Images)

At Hiroshima, Obama honors war dead, renews call for world without...

During President Obama's trip to Hiroshima, Japan, he honored those who died and renewed his call for a world without nuclear weapons.
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Top scientists find genetically engineered crops are safe to eat

A National Academies of Sciences panel found no persuasive evidence of adverse health effects from eating foods made from genetically engineered crops.
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The U.S. has a new weapon to stop black market trafficking...

A new U.S. law will help keep Syrian treasures from entering the American art and antiquities markets.
Lake reflecting mountains and clouds (National Park Service)

Harnessing peace dividends and conservation via international parks

International peace parks are nothing new. Countries come together to conserve and clean up land near their shared borders. Is there one near you?
Lois Judge embracing Susannah Mushatt Jones (© AP Images)

Susannah Mushatt Jones: An American woman whose life spanned 3 centuries

Born in 1899, Susannah Mushatt Jones saw over a century of events before passing away on May 12. Here are her secrets to longevity.
Holocaust Museum, with projected images (© AP Images)

Holocaust Museum teaches warning signs of genocide

Museums are designed to educate their visitors. The Holocaust Museum teaches its visitors to recognize early warning signs of genocide.