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5 simple ways to boost your success at a U.S. college

Mentors can make a big difference during your college experience and after you graduate. Learn how to make the most of your connections.

#peacehack: Can technology stop a bullet?

Software coders and government and NGO thinkers team up to create apps to counter violent extremism, overcome resource challenges and help migrants.

Your life at a U.S. college: It’s not just books

Wondering what you can do once you get into college? Here are some fun activities to do outside of class.

Can a hashtag change the world?

The hashtag #2030now received over 1.6 billion Twitter hits as people around the world followed the events at the 2015 Social Good Summit in New York City.


Global youth leaders met with President Obama in New York to address the causes of extremism and to develop an action plan to combat worldwide violence.

Are sports just for fun? Not for these women.

The U.S. Department of State is partnering with espnW to increase girls’ and women’s participation in sports worldwide.

Can we reach zero poverty? These strategies are working.

America participates in many efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and energy and to improve the prosperity of people around the world.

World Tourism Day is September 27. Where do you want...

Over 74 million people visited the U.S. last year for fun. Trip planning to the U.S. is made easy with DiscoverAmerica.com's nifty trip tuner.

A better future for all starts with one

Three success stories in Honduras, Colombia and Haiti show how Latin American and Caribbean countries have made progress in improving conditions.