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Smashing through barriers: This could be you, says Serena Williams

The Williams sisters compete in the 2015 U.S. Open and build on tennis pro Arthur Ashe’s legacy by sponsoring tennis programs around the world.

Innovative teaching secrets from the U.S. ‘Teacher of the Year’

Shanna Peeples was honored by President Obama for receiving the "National Teacher of the Year" award. She shares her innovation with diverse students.

Can you read this? Consider yourself lucky.

One of every five people in the world cannot read or write, unable to accomplish daily tasks like completing a job application. What can you do to help?

Home sweet dorm room

U.S. colleges and universities offer a wide range of dormitory housing for students.

What’s black and white and seen all over the world?

The birth of a panda cub at Washington's National Zoo has thrilled people. Pandas are endangered and the subject of international efforts to breed more.

Starting school in the U.S.? Here are tips to fight homesickness.

Are you coming from another country to study in the USA? While you will make new friends, you may miss home. Here are some tips to deal with homesickness.

Tomorrow’s tech leaders look like this

Teenage girls from the Middle East and North Africa participate in Tech Girls, a State Department–sponsored program to teach girls about careers in STEM.

Have you ever laughed at a politician?

In the U.S., political satire is protected by the Constitution. Leaders, no matter how powerful, know that taking criticism with grace is part of the job.

How Coca-Cola helps students ‘think global, act local’

Students from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia came to the U.S. to study American business practices via public-private sponsorships.