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Making fashion free of forced labor

Designers, advocates and others are among those working to keep fashion free of forced labor. Learn about their efforts and what you can do.
Photo of elderly woman wearing head scarf. (Photo: © Alexei Alexandrov/AP Images)

U.S. rushes humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The U.S. is providing hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and partnering to deliver support.
Collage of flags of Japan, Australia, United States and India (State Dept./Flag images: © Shutterstock)

The Quad: Meeting global challenges

Leaders from the Quad nations of the U.S., Australia, India and Japan will address COVID-19 and other challenges at a summit in Tokyo.
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Countries step up global fight against COVID-19

Dozens of nations, private sector groups and nonprofits recently announced new contributions to the global fight against COVID-19.
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U.S. supports countries amid Putin’s food crisis

The U.S. is providing hundreds of millions of dollars to help people in Africa facing food shortages worsened by Putin's war against Ukraine.
Person taking temperature of woman in large room with people waiting, seated and standing (USAID/Indonesia)

America’s enduring partnership with ASEAN

The U.S. and ASEAN are celebrating 45 years of collaboration and partnership with a special summit in Washington May 12–13.
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Pacific countries stand with Ukraine

Numerous Pacific nations are sending humanitarian or military aid to Ukraine in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggression.
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Uyghurs abroad suffer ‘collective grief’

Many Uyghurs who live outside the People's Republic of China struggle with not knowing the fate of their loved ones in China.
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Putin’s war sends global food prices skyrocketing

The Kremlin's war against Ukraine, a major producer of wheat and vegetable oil, is disrupting trade and increasing global food prices.