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Uniformed men in inflatable boat boarding fishing vessel at night (U.S. Coast Guard/Petty Officer 1st Class Nate Littlejohn)

Stepping up the fight against illegal fishing

Illegal fishing threatens global food supplies and harms the environment. Learn how new U.S. partnerships are addressing the problem.
Outline of Ukraine filled in with patterns of cyber connections and colors of the Ukrainian flag (© Shutterstock.com)

Protecting Ukraine’s internet access and critical data

The Russian Federation's unjust war against Ukraine includes cyberattacks. Learn how the U.S. supports Ukraine's cyber defenses.
Woman in colorful dress receives a COVID-19 vaccine (© USAID RHITES-EC 2022)

Increasing COVID-19 vaccinations in Africa

The U.S. is surging COVID-19 vaccines, equipment and other support to help sub-Saharan African nations increase vaccinations.
Young woman sitting on ground using laptop computer (USAID/Gideon Américo Muiambo)

G7 launches plan to boost global infrastructure investment

The Group of Seven democracies have launched a plan to mobilize billions of dollars to build quality infrastructure around the world.
Illustration of spacecraft in space near asteroids (NASA/Johns Hopkins APL)

Protecting planet Earth from asteroids

A team of scientists is aiming to deflect an asteroid, testing technology that could one day protect planet Earth.
Woman smiling in front of portrait of man (© Jessica Hill/AP Images)

Women make a historic first for U.S. currency

President Biden's plan to nominate Marilynn Malerba treasurer of the United States will make her the first Native American to hold the post.
Crowd of people listening while wearing masks (State Dept./Ronny Przysucha)

Celebrating the power of cultural exchange

Cultural exchange brings people together and broadens perspectives. Read how America's top diplomat values the experience of living abroad.
Boy looking at his left shoulder with sleeve rolled up (© Niranjan Shrestha/AP Images)

Helping countries vaccinate children against COVID-19

More than 30 countries and international groups attended a June meeting on the COVID-19 Global Action Plan. Learn the latest developments.
Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping standing in front of Russian and Chinese flags, looking at each other (© Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik/Kremlin/AP Images)

Beijing echoes Kremlin’s disinformation on Ukraine

Beijing is spreading the Kremlin's disinformation, which seeks to shift responsibility for Vladimir Putin's war against Ukraine.