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Activists holding rainbow flag in parade (© Andre Penner/AP)

A day to stop discrimination against LGBTQI+ people

Learn more about the forms of discrimination LGBTQI+ people face and how everyone can create a more inclusive world.
Sign with words 'Welcome to Diplomats' Hometowns' on image of U.S. map (Images: © Kitnha, EmLion, Thomas Pajot/; Graphic: State Dept./B. Insley)

These diplomats keep ties to home

Each May, the State Department honors U.S. diplomats for their work in more than 190 countries. Their work is shaped by where they grew up.
Oil and gas platform offshore (©

Here’s the real value in intellectual property rights

What is intellectual property law and how does the United States work to uphold it in its courts? Learn more about its importance here.
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These sites are featured in top films

Movie directors broaden audiences' cultural understanding by filming at locations with stunning buildings and natural beauty.
Woman in hard hat talking to two men in front of Golden Gate bridge pillar under construction (© AP)

First woman on a president’s Cabinet put workers first

Learn more about the first woman to serve as secretary of labor and hold a Cabinet position in the United States.
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International action has helped ozone layer recover

Thanks to international efforts, the ozone layer could completely heal by 2066. Learn more about this decadeslong work.
Hippopotamus carrying baby on back in water (© Auscape/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

The U.S. works with partners to stop wildlife trafficking

Learn how the United States is working with countries around the globe to stop wildlife trafficking and protect ecosystems.
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These U.S. scientists are working to save the planet

Seven of the United States' top scientists will work with international partners to identify key areas of collaboration to shared problems.
Young girls in school uniforms holding large seeds (Courtesy of Patricia Kombo)

These women are creating climate solutions

These four women are helping to conserve the environment and find climate crisis solutions in their communities around the world.