Michael Laff

Samba Diamanka sitting in radio studio (Courtesy of Samba Diamanka)

Demonstrating the power of a free press

Several reporters from Africa recently visited the U.S. through the Murrow program to learn more about how independent media outlets operate.
Woman listening to man (© Clay Smith/Santa Fe College)

Exchanging ideas to expand vocational education worldwide

College administrators from several nations visited the U.S. to exchange ideas about how to connect students to employers.
Abdirahman Kahin carrying food in aluminum foil containers from car with trunk open (© Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune/Getty Images)

Bringing a taste of Africa to the U.S. Midwest

A native of Somalia who operates restaurants in Minnesota inspired by African flavors won a small business award.
Katherine Luzuriaga in lab coat and blue rubber gloves holding pipette (Courtesy of UMass Chan Medical School)

Asian American scientists who imagined a healthier world

Discoveries of Asian American researchers have contributed to advances that treat HIV/AIDS and protect millions from viruses like COVID-19.
Andrei Sakharov and Yelena Bonner standing in urban setting (© Daniel Janin/AFP/Getty Images)

Honoring human rights champion Andrei Sakharov

Prominent musicians will perform a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall in New York in honor of Andrei Sakharov, a respected Russian scientist.
Two young men looking at laptop (© Brian Snyder/Reuters)

U.S. colleges support students from Ukraine

Universities across the United States are offering scholarships to help Ukrainian students continue their studies.
People standing around replica of floor plan on classroom floor (© Patrick G. Ryan/The Catholic University of America)

Sharing in Notre Dame Cathedral’s revival

Learn how U.S. college students built a replica of part of Notre Dame Cathedral and learned traditional French building techniques.
People circling around medical dummy during class (© Yelyzaveta Kalnybolotska/International Medical Corps)

Lending medical support to Ukraine

Learn how people across the U.S. are supplying Ukraine with medical supplies or expertise to aid the nation's recovery efforts.
Fridah Okomo standing on balcony with buildings and colorful evening sky in view (Courtesy of Fridah Okomo)

Young leaders promote democracy at home

Meet activists from Kenya and Estonia who are advancing democracy in their home countries after participating in a U.S.-backed program.