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People walking in a crowd (© Jake May/The Flint Journal/AP Images)

Police leaders march in solidarity with peaceful protesters

Police in the United States have joined marches for reform after a man's death in police custody. See how law enforcement is supporting peaceful protests.
Woman bending over to wash hands from water dispenser (© Mercy Corps)

U.S. relief groups protect most vulnerable from COVID-19

U.S. relief groups are supporting the global fight against COVID-19. See how these organizations are helping the world's most vulnerable communities.

Lifting arms embargo on Iran will fuel regime’s terrorism

A U.N. arms embargo against Iran's regime will soon expire. Learn why the U.S. is seeking to extend restrictions on the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
People photographing and filming police officers in mall (© Miguel Candela Poblacion/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Amid COVID-19, reporters still face persecution in China, Iran and Venezuela

In China, Iran and Venezuela, journalists risk imprisonment for reporting on COVID-19 and other subjects their governments consider sensitive.