Julia Maruszewski

Worker kneeling and welding inside large steel tube (Shutterstock)

Could a steel mill yield clean fuel for cars?

A new way to make money and help the environment is the circular economy. This process involves reusing materials to prevent waste from reaching landfills.
People riding their bikes over Portland's Tilikum Crossing bridge (© AP Images)

On this day in May, many commuters will start cycling to...

Grab your bike and leave your car keys at home! Taking part in the annual "Bike to Work Day" not only boosts your health, but also improves the environment.
Women running in road race (© AP Images)

Women at the Boston Marathon: From bystanders to top competitors

When 30,000 runners await the start of this year’s Boston Marathon, almost half will be women. Half a century ago, women weren't allowed to participate.

A country lowers its energy bill

In the last decade, U.S. energy production grew 24 percent while energy consumption steadily declined.

You may never see an Amur leopard again

We have lost half of the animals in the world since 1970. The first step you can take toward conserving animal species is to understand what harms them.