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Girls wearing headscarves playing in a playground (© Jessie Wardarski/AP)

Minnesota boasts diverse population, healthy environment

Learn more about Minnesota, a U.S. Midwestern state that is bidding to host the 2027 world's Specialised Expo.
People in street with giant dragon puppet (© Katherine Frey/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Americans celebrate the Lunar New Year [photo gallery]

Americans will celebrate the Lunar New Year with festivals, parades and visits to temples while also volunteering and preparing special food.
President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy standing in front of Christmas tree (John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum/Robert Knudsen)

First ladies’ White House Christmas traditions

Jacqueline Kennedy was the first to select a theme for the White House Christmas tree, picking "The Nutcracker.” Learn other holiday customs.
2 women making heart sign with their hands while standing outside (State Dept.)

Celebrating 75 years of U.S.-Pakistan relations [photo gallery]

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s birth as a nation and of U.S.-Pakistan diplomatic relations. Some images over the decades.
Baby stroller covered in blood sitting in front of building damaged by shelling (© Efrem Lukatsky/AP Images)

Russia falsely claims attacks don’t target Ukrainian civilians

Russian shelling has hit Ukrainians in their homes, hospitals and theaters as well as children in the streets.
Child with arms outstretched holding blanket and running into arms of man at train station (© Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Ukraine’s neighbors show support for refugees [photo gallery]

Millions forced from their homes because of Vladimir Putin's war against Ukraine are finding hope and help from nearby countries.
Soccer players lining up under sign reading 'football stands together' (© Rebecca Naden/Action Images/Reuters)

Athletes show their support for Ukraine [photo gallery]

From wearing Ukraine’s colors of blue and yellow to moments of silence, see the various ways athletes are standing with Ukraine.
Two people leaning on each other with two buildings in distance with Ukrainian flags projected on them (© Javad Parsa/NTB/AFP/Getty Images)

Landmarks light up in support of Ukraine [photo gallery]

Around the world, iconic buildings glow blue and yellow to show solidarity with Ukraine and protest the Russian government's aggression against that country.
Illustration of Major Biden romping on White House grounds (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Major Biden: From shelter dog to ‘first pet’

President Biden's second dog, Major Biden, is the first presidential pet in U.S. history to go from shelter dog to White House companion.