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Two actors performing in scene from "Star Trek" (© CBS/Getty Images)

How American television developed over decades

Two experts explain how U.S. TV shows have entertained global audiences for years — and how today's shows were influenced by earlier ones.
Four people sitting around table (© Panhavoan Reth)

International students thrive at U.S. higher education institutions

International students overwhelmingly choose the U.S. as their top education destination. Here are some of the reasons they keep coming.
Desert landscape painting (Courtesy of Kay WalkingStick)

Bringing Native American themes to landscape painting

Learn how Kay WalkingStick's Native American heritage has shaped her artwork, and how her landscape paintings honor the first Americans.
Three women posing in designer clothing (©

Makers of modest clothes find a niche in U.S. fashion

Modest fashion, once considered dowdy, is now anything but. Learn how retailers are catering to buyers who want stylish yet modest clothing.
Secretary of State Colin Powell with U.S. flags (© Kenneth Lambert/AP Images)

Powell remembered as a friend by U.S. diplomats

Friends and colleagues of former Secretary of State Colin Powell mourn his passing and explain what made him an effective, admired leader.
Five men breaking up farmland with hand tools (USAID/Micah Clemens)

U.S. helps developing countries to help themselves

Learn how the United States' foreign aid mission promotes U.S. values while supporting partner countries' paths to self-sufficiency.
Man retouching painted section of ceiling (Courtesy of Megawra)

U.S., Egypt protect mausoleum in Historic Cairo

In Egypt, a much-loved (but damaged) heritage site has now been revived through a U.S. State Department cultural preservation program.
Illustration of open book surrounded by new words added to dictionary (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Dictionaries add words as American English evolves

Learn some of the new words and phrases that were recently added to dictionaries and see how they reflect our rapidly changing world.
Toni Stone holding a baseball (© Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)

Meet Toni Stone, who broke barriers in baseball

Toni Stone was a pioneering figure in baseball. Many sports fans don't know her name, but a play about her life explains why they should.