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Aerial view of partially submerged houses (© AP Images)

These Republicans and Democrats put their politics aside. Here’s why.

Putting partisanship aside, young Republicans and Democrats are working together to help a Louisiana community after it was devastated by a flood.
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Diaspora voices: Ukrainians and Armenians to share their stories

If your family is from Ukraine or Armenia, share your stories by joining a webchat with top U.S. diplomats on September 8 at 9 a.m. EDT/1300 UTC.
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‘Emprendedor’ just might be the word of the year in Latin...

Are you looking for tips on the changing business climate? Tune in to the YLAI Network on September 7 with Ambassador David Thorne and IBM's Deborah Magid.
Artwork of American flag–colored hands making heart shape (Shutterstock)

Biden tries a new role: Officiating at a same-sex wedding

Did Vice President Biden find a new calling? He led the same-sex ceremony of two White House staffers and shared the event with a tweet that went viral.
Woman entering a building (© AP Images)

Building a credit history while starting a new life

Immigrants might be dismayed to learn that a good credit history doesn’t necessarily follow them to the United States, but they can take steps to build one.
Illustration of female professional emoji standing in front of rainbow (Google)

New emoji send a message about women

Coming soon to your smartphone keyboard: equality. New emoji will reflect diversity through professions and skin-tone options.
Chinese Super-Man comic book cover (Courtesy of DC Entertainment)

A superhero takes flight anew

The original Superman's powers have been transferred to a teenager from Shanghai named Kenan Kong, the creation of California comic writer Gene Luen Yang.
People standing in line and sign saying 'Vote Here' (© AP Images)

Immigrant voters: The key to victory?

To understand voters, politicians use census data. The most recent data found that almost 1 in 10 U.S. voters is an immigrant.
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Preserving the gifts of indigenous peoples

Anthropologists and ethnologists are among many who believe that something precious is lost when indigenous peoples lose their language and customs.