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Rainbow colors lighting the facade of the White House (© Getty Images/Bloomberg)

Obama honors progress on LGBTI rights

Almost a year after the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriages in the U.S., President Obama talks about his reaction.
Black T-shirts with NBA team logos in rainbow colors (GLSEN)

Pro basketball teams show pride

During the National Basketball Association championship, players show off their skills on the court and their support for LGBTI rights.
Four men sitting against a white wall (© Getty Images/Ann Johansson)

During Ramadan, U.S. Muslims get to know the neighbors

In the U.S., Muslims celebrate Ramadan much as in other parts of the world, but many also focus on outreach to people of other faiths.

With liberty and justice for all: The advancement of LGBTI rights...

Safeguarding the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in the U.S. is part of a tradition of ensuring minority rights.
Young girl writing in Arabic on whiteboard (© Getty Images/Portland Press Herald)

How one teacher helps U.S. students learn Arabic [video]

Learning Arabic or Chinese can be tricky for Americans. But an Egyptian teacher in the U.S. says he knows how to make it easier and a lot more fun.
Rihanna standing in front of wall of flowers (© AP Images)

Rihanna may have a scholarship for you

Rihanna announces a scholarship program for students in the Caribbean to earn a bachelor's degree in the U.S. Will you apply?
President Obama wearing academic robe at podium, gesturing (© AP Images)

For college grads, a few words of advice

President Obama and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg were among the speakers who spoke to graduating college students this year.
Silhouette of man standing near water in sunset (© Latif Abdul)

In 5 winning photos, these students capture their U.S. experience

Students studying in the U.S. from abroad captured their experiences, personalities and friendships for a photo contest, Here are the winners.
Girl dressed in long white dress and headscarf standing against wall (Courtesy of Zarifeh Shalabi)

A California school chooses a prom queen, and inclusion

To show their support for a Muslim friend and their stance against racism, a group of students at Summit High School nominated her as prom queen. She won.