Lauren Monsen

Fashion design sketch of a group of models (© Papa Oppong)

A designer rocks the fashion world while fighting malaria

Ghanaian Papa Oppong is not only breaking into the fashion world, he is fighting malaria by designing children's wear with a fabric that repels mosquitoes.
Pages of ancient manuscript (© Yasmeen Khan/Library of Congress)

Rare Islamic manuscripts offer a glimpse of the distant past

Yasmeen Khan credits her father, a collector of Islamic manuscripts, for her appreciation of old books with calligraphy and hand-painted illustrations.
Muslims and non-Muslims sharing meal (Courtesy of MAS Minnesota)

In Minnesota, non-Muslims visit mosques during Ramadan

A Minnesota program promotes the state's neighborly spirit by arranging for hundreds of non-Muslims to visit mosques during Ramadan.
Woman using laptop computer (State Dept./S. Brukbacher)

Virtual Mosque helps Muslims explore their faith online

Interested in learning about Islam? This imam uses social media to send his sermons and discuss a variety of topics for Muslims and non-Muslims.
Line of people unloading cases of water (© AP Images)

In Orlando, a community rallies — with support from all over

After the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, people from around the world showed their support for the LGBTI and Muslim communities.
Patrons eating in restaurant (Brian Widdis)

Ramadan feasts, restaurant style: Serving iftar across America

Breaking the Ramadan fast while in the United States? A quick roundup of three restaurants in different U.S. cities offers a glimpse of what to expect.
People packing boxes (Courtesy of Islamic Relief USA)

In Houston, young Muslims step up to serve the needy

Houston members of United Muslim Relief USA are serving their community in ways ranging from helping flood victims to feeding the homeless.
Cartoon monkey and two humans pointing at the moon (© Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Curious George returns — to help his Muslim friend

Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat help their new friend, Kareem, celebrate Ramadan to help children learn about different cultures.
Man waving flag in front of U.S. Supreme Court (© AP Images)

LGBTI rights are a U.S. priority. Randy Berry can tell you...

“LGBTI persons are entitled to “the same human rights and fundamental freedoms as anyone, anywhere,” says U.S. special envoy Randy Berry.