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Girl uses apps for English learners on her mobile phone

The world of English in the palm of your hand. These...

Whether you already speak English or are just starting out, you’ve probably got a powerful tool to help you reach the next level: the apps on your phone.

‘We have to be in this fight together’: An American Muslim...

An American Muslim diplomat discusses his views on immigration, #beingAmerican, combating terrorism, and his experiences.

Sports give international students a gateway to U.S. college life

Through sports programs at universities, athletes are able to compete and pursue their studies. Other students participate by watching their school's team.

Hollywood: Global town, global movies

Hollywood attracts aspiring actors, directors, cinematographers and screenwriters from around the world. Learn how they make it in Hollywood.

Cultural heritage: A priceless gift to the world

U.S.-funded projects help safeguard historic buildings, artifacts and archaeological sites. They also support the preservation of intangible culture.

Do you teach English? These programs can help inspire your students.

The best English-teaching programs emphasize the power of the human connection — the principle behind a trio of State Department programs.

Want to learn English? Check out these free programs.

Learning English has many rewards. Free and useful tools are available to improve your American English language skills with ease.

Meet Randy Berry, U.S. special envoy for the human rights of...

Veteran diplomat Randy Berry was recently appointed as the first U.S. special envoy for the human rights of LGBTI persons.

The American religious landscape

The U.S. has a diverse religious landscape, and immigration is transforming it even more. Explore the many faces of the American religious experience.