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Ursula Bellugi smiling, posing in purple outfit (Courtesy of Salk Institute)

She proved signing is more than translating spoken words

Ursula Bellugi, an American neurobiologist, altered how sign languages are perceived worldwide. Learn about her groundbreaking discoveries.
Queen Elizabeth in green dress and hat waving (© Frank Augstein/AP Images)

Queen Elizabeth II’s rapport with 14 U.S. presidents [photo gallery]

This series of photos offers a look back at interactions Britain's Queen Elizabeth II had with U.S. presidents over the years.
Woman raising arms while standing with large letters that spell out “Baranoa” (Courtesy of Patricia Etienne)

Peace Corps is back! A new class begins in the Americas.

Two Peace Corps volunteers explain what drew them to global service and share what they find most rewarding about their work.
Cynthia Yue at microphone, speaking and gesturing (Courtesy of Cynthia Yue)

Cynthia Yue has her finger on the pulse of American youth

Learn why the 2021–2022 U.S. Youth Observer to the U.N. is so committed to human rights and how her childhood shaped her worldview.
Desirée Cormier Smith sitting in chair, smiling (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

This U.S. diplomat fights systemic racism worldwide

How does Desirée Cormier Smith promote racial justice and equity as part of U.S. foreign policy? Learn about her mission and why it matters.
Graduation hat on glass bottle containing coins on table with books, glasses, calculator and pen (©

How U.S. students gain financial literacy

Financial education is now being taught in many U.S. secondary schools, and nonprofit groups are pushing to make it happen nationwide.
Two women dressed in dark blue, wearing hats (© Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP Images)

How cities across the U.S. observe Juneteenth [photo gallery]

Learn how the Juneteenth holiday began and how it honors past generations of African Americans while looking ahead to the future.
Snorkeler swimming near whale shark (© Helmut Corneli/Alamy)

Protecting the ocean from 5 big threats [photo gallery]

Learn about some of the most pressing challenges to ocean health, how the U.S. government is working to address them, and how you can help.
People standing next to U.S. flag and flowers on beach (© David Vincent/AP Images)

D-Day anniversary prompts reflection

Remembering D-Day, a pivotal Allied victory during World War II, links the struggles against tyranny in the 20th and 21st centuries.