Charlene Porter


Faithful rally for climate action

U.S. religious groups will revive a history of political activism this month, when faith-based groups take action in favor of climate solutions.
Three rhinos, heads to water surface

Rhinos on the brink

The global rhino population is a fraction what it was 100 years ago. September 22 is a day to celebrate and protect the surviving members of an iconic species.

World religions: Caring for our planet is a moral duty

Growing numbers of religious groups regard care of the planet as a moral duty and are becoming advocates for stronger environmental protections.

Facing climate change, Alaskans embrace green energy

In remote communities in the U.S. Arctic where months pass without a sunrise, Alaskans are experiencing climate change and embracing green energy.

Look who else is going green

What does big business do? Make money? Yeah. But U.S. companies also plant trees, save energy, reduce emissions and protect landscapes and wildlife.

The wild side of U.S.-Russian relations

In Russia's diverse terrain, parks and reserves protect unique habitats and rare species. The U.S. is helping in the work to save the wild things.

The beginning of a new relationship with Cuba [video]

Visitors to the newly re-opened Cuban embassy in Washington were enthusiastic about the prospect of expanded contact with the Cuban people.

Take charge, take a U.S. degree [video]

About 900,000 international students pursue degrees in the U.S. each year. They study hard, but fun and friends are also part of the experience.

What should prison be?

Nelson Mandela survived decades in prison. Inmates today shouldn't have to endure his hardships, thanks to UN rules named for the late South African statesman.