Charlene Porter


Pluto: Ready for its close-up

The New Horizons spacecraft approaches Pluto, offering humans their first close-up view of a solar system outpost, after a 10-year journey.

The climate is changing. It’s time to adapt.

A warmer world will raise sea levels and trigger extreme weather events. You can prepare for these events, and the U.S. will help other countries do that.

The Arctic is closer than you think

Changing conditions in the Arctic may seem remote to you. But new science says conditions up north may influence the weather you'll have next winter.

Global climate change requires a common response

U.S. officials welcome Pope Francis' message on climate change and share his belief that all people must be responsible for environmental stewardship.

Africa’s future is getting brighter

After its first two years, the Power Africa campaign continues to boost electricity access, bringing light, computers and information into African homes.

‘Goodbye, carbon,’ say G7 nations

Leaders of the world's top industrial nations say the world must go carbon-free if growth and prosperity are to continue.

Big agriculture, big business versus bad bacteria

Misuse of antibiotics created a monster called antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Better antibiotic use is the answer; everyone will be part of the solution.

Lighting up the world with clean energy

More than 30 nations are taking up a clean energy challenge to deliver greener, more affordable and reliable light and power where it's needed.

Clean energy? It’s blowing in the wind.

The United States is adopting more renewable energy sources. Wind could meet 35 percent of the nation’s electricity demand by 2050.