Pamela M. Prah

Three musicians playing instruments in studio (Courtesy of Dosti Music Project)

Across tense borders, 10 musicians explore a new sound [video]

Ten musicians were selected to participate in the Dosti Music Project, which unites artists and sounds from India, Pakistan and the U.S.
Player dribbling a ball down the court with opponent following her (© AP Images)

International students get a shot at fame during March Madness

The "March Madness" tournament is a tradition where college basketball teams compete for the championship. Take a look at this year's international stars.

U.S. shines a spotlight on wildlife trafficking

In honor of World Wildlife Day, the State Department projected images of animals onto its building to raise awareness about wildlife trafficking.

‘Give me a T!’ A spirited group hopes to save this...

A group of tiger mascots representing colleges from across the U.S. is teaming up to protect real tigers in the wild.