Pamela M. Prah

Historical photo of abolitionist Harriet Tubman (© AP Images/Library of Congress)

Harriet Tubman is coming to the $20 bill

Anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman makes history again. She will be the first woman and first African American to appear on a major U.S. currency note.
Alyssum Pohl paddling in the Mississippi River with St. Louis Arch in the background (Leanne Davis)

This kayaker makes the Mississippi her own science lab

A scientist and novice kayaker paddled more than 3,700 kilometers to test for plastic particles in Mississippi River water. Here's what she found.
Three musicians playing instruments in studio (Courtesy of Dosti Music Project)

Across tense borders, 10 musicians explore a new sound [video]

Ten musicians were selected to participate in the Dosti Music Project, which unites artists and sounds from India, Pakistan and the U.S.
Player dribbling a ball down the court with opponent following her (© AP Images)

International students get a shot at fame during March Madness

The "March Madness" tournament is a tradition where college basketball teams compete for the championship. Take a look at this year's international stars.

U.S. shines a spotlight on wildlife trafficking

In honor of World Wildlife Day, the State Department projected images of animals onto its building to raise awareness about wildlife trafficking.

‘Give me a T!’ A spirited group hopes to save this...

A group of tiger mascots representing colleges from across the U.S. is teaming up to protect real tigers in the wild.