Illustration of woman wearing blue-and-yellow floral wreath and cloak (State Dept./D. Thompson)

United with Ukraine [July–September 2023]

Check out our latest coverage of the developments in Ukraine and the U.S. response.
Woman working among tall green plants (USAID)

U.S. strategy to address causes of migration shows results

The U.S. Strategy for Addressing the Root Causes of Migration in Central America is already improving people's lives. Learn more here.
Dirt road leading into a town in Madagascar (Power Africa)

Delivering clean power to rural Madagascar

Power Africa is enabling people in rural Madagascar to reopen businesses or simply watch TV. See how this partnership is improving lives.
Four people talking in a field (U.S. Embassy Pakistan)

Partnership in action: The U.S.-Pakistan Green Alliance framework

The U.S.-Pakistan Green Alliance tackles the most pressing environmental problems. Learn more about this historic collaboration here.
Man kneeling in front of row of cows eating alfalfa in barn (Zacharias Abubeker/USAID)

How tech improves dairy farming in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's Eskender Yoseph is growing his farm with equipment from the U.S. government. Learn how this partnership is boosting food security.
Men working in large pile of grain in front of damaged storage facility (© Scott Peterson/Getty Images)

Ukraine’s neighbors offer routes for grain exports

After Russia walked away from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukraine found alternative routes for its grain.
Three women chopping vegetables at table (Courtesy of Ebru Baybara Demir)

How a chef’s ‘soul kitchens’ aided Türkiye’s earthquake recovery

Chef Ebru Baybara Demir uses her cooking skills for disaster relief. See how her kitchens fed thousands after earthquakes struck Türkiye.
Drawing of workers in different occupations (

How Labor Day is celebrated in America [video]

The U.S. celebrates Labor Day every year on the first Monday in September. Watch how Americans honor workers on this day.
A wounded Ukrainian woman is being helped into an ambulance. (Photo: © Ukrainian Emergency Service/AP)

U.S. humanitarian aid for Ukraine war tops $2.6 billion

Learn about the kinds of humanitarian assistance the United States provides to help people affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine.