Ned Price gesturing to reporter at press briefing (© Susan Walsh/AP Images)

Ned Price: Why we welcome tough questions

As the State Department spokesperson who speaks daily with reporters from around the world, Ned Price knows the importance of a free press.
People in hazmat suits and fatigues dusting bottle for fingerprints (State Dept.)

Partnering to counter ISIS in Africa

The Coalition to Defeat ISIS is convening in Morocco in May to advance its increasing efforts to stop ISIS from making inroads in Africa.
Illustration of men in suits carrying briefcases with Russian flag design (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Countries expel Russian diplomats in protest over Ukraine

Nations are expelling Russian diplomats to protest the invasion of Ukraine. Find out which countries are taking that approach.
Two photos of Chicago showing smoky and clear skies (Left photo: © Kirn Vintage Stock/Alamy. Right photo: © M. Spencer Green/AP Images)

Learn how air quality improved in these cities

Four large U.S. cities have used new technology and environmentally friendly policies to help their residents breathe easier.
Three children in old photograph (Courtesy of Ambassador Michèle Taylor)

U.S. Ambassador Michèle Taylor, descendant of Holocaust survivors

Ambassador Michèle Taylor, U.S. permanent representative to the U.N. Human Rights Council, shares her family's history during the Holocaust.
Young men in military uniform (© Musa Sadulayev/AP Images)

Russia uses conscript soldiers for war in Ukraine

Russia relies on conscript soldiers, many from outside Russia, to fight against Ukraine. Many soldiers are unprepared for combat.
Green partial globe with illustration of buildings, solar panels, plants and wind turbines (© D-Krab/

An opportunity to encourage responsible business practices

The State Department is asking people worldwide for suggestions on how best to encourage responsible business.
Illustration of woman sitting at computer surrounded by messages (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Ending gender-based online violence

Learn more about the Global Partnership for Action on Gender-Based Online Harassment and Abuse, created after the 2021 Summit for Democracy.
Destroyed van with letter V by radiation warning sign (© Efrem Lukatsky/AP Images)

Decades after Chornobyl disaster, Ukrainians defend nuclear sites

Brave Ukrainians prevented a potentially far greater disaster at Chornobyl in 1986. Ukrainians are again rushing to protect nuclear sites.