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Sun shining throught solar panels (Shutterstock)

‘Grid parity’ is key to stopping climate change. Here’s why.

What does grid parity have to do with climate change? Everything. As the cost of renewable energy drops, so does the dependence on traditional energy.
Rooftop solar panels with skyscrapers in the distance (© AP Images)

Your home + solar panels = distributed generation

Renewable energy resources such as solar and wind have opened up new possibilities for distributed power generation and transmission.
Lava flowing from volcano (© AP Images)

From lava to solar: These renewables are so hot right now

What type of energy do you use? The five dominant sources of renewable energy range from solar and wind to lava and biomass.
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5 myths about solar energy

What's stopping you from using solar energy? Get the facts straight and make myths about solar energy a thing of the past.
Micro–wind turbines and solar panels lining the exterior walls at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia (© AP Images)

U.S. sports arenas go green, with the Philadelphia Eagles leading the...

The Philadelphia Eagles, along with many other sports teams in the U.S., are doing their part to protect the environment by going green in their stadiums.
Panoramic view of vast array of mirrors at solar energy project (© AP Images)

For former coal workers, renewable energy means renewed job market

As the country shifts from traditional energy sources to renewables, there is a growing demand for workers. Former coal workers could fill this gap.
Charging plug in its socket, car in background (Shutterstock)

Next-generation batteries for cars and power grids use glass and molten...

New batteries made of glass and molten metals are proving to be more energy-efficient and safer to use in electric cars and for homes.
Man taking photo of huge, white wind turbine blade (© AP Images)

Recycling old wind turbine blades could be the next business opportunity

Many in the renewable energy industry are looking to turn a potential landfill problem into a profitable recycling opportunity.
Field with large solar installations (Courtesy of SunPower)

Solar energy lights the way from California to Africa

A combination of local, state, and federal laws and incentives in California boosted their solar use to power millions of homes.