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Tesla: Electric cars for all?

Electric cars and high-capacity storage batteries could go a long way to improving air quality around the world, says Tesla's Elon Musk.

Pollution solutions: Invest today for a payoff tomorrow

Countering ozone and black carbon pollution that damage crops will pay off big time, and fast.

Can smog-eating buildings save your city?

Tech innovations using titanium-dioxide coatings on buildings can reduce smog by transforming harmful pollutants into healthier stuff.

Working together to grow clean energy in India

Clean energy and smart tech will boost India's economy and bring global benefits, so leaders in both the United States and India are making it a priority.

Can sister cities Chicago, New Delhi clear the air?

Sister cities Chicago and New Delhi have air pollution in common, and both are finding ways to improve the situation for better health — and jobs.

Power to the people the smart-tech way

Tweet your power company? Opower is smartening up the energy grid to connect customers and electricity providers in ways not possible a decade ago.

Obama makes a doctor’s day by praising her life’s work

This Indian-American doctor will be happy when President Obama's Clean Power Plan means fewer asthma patients in her clinic.

Once smog-shrouded, LA has improved its air quality

Over the past few decades, Los Angeles has learned techniques to improve air quality that could benefit other major cities around the world.

Need strategies to clear the air? Ask a megacity.

Big cities have big problems with pollution and are big laboratories for solutions. C40 Cities helps them collaborate on strategies.