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Crowd of protesters holding signs and EU flag (© AP Images)

The U.S. and EU look to extend sanctions on Russia

Sanctions against Russia are expected to be renewed because full implementation of the Minsk agreements on peace in Ukraine hasn't been reached.
Crowd of people standing outside and listening (U.S. Embassy Kyiv)

Will Ukraine break a Guinness World Record with an English class?

On May 28, thousands of people in Ukraine aimed for a Guinness World Record by simultaneously participating in an interactive English-language lesson.
Nadiya Savchenko wearing a white T-shirt decorated with a trident — the symbol of Ukraine — talking to reporters as her sister, on left, looks on (© AP Images)

Savchenko is free! Now Russia must release other Ukrainians.

The world is celebrating the release of Nadiya Savchenko, the Ukrainian pilot and parliamentarian whom Russia detained unjustly for nearly two years.
Tamila Tasheva in front of whiteboard and table (Courtesy of Tamila Tasheva)

Crimean Tatar: ‘I want my people to feel safe’

Tamila Tasheva wants the world to keep talking about the conflict in Ukraine so that future violations of the international order don't become commonplace.
Elderly men and women standing in crowd, wiping their tears (© AP Images)

Did Russia really ban descendants from remembering the victims of Stalin’s...

On the anniversary of Stalin's deportation of thousands of Crimeans from their homes, Russia continues their repression by banning memorial events.
Illustration of people protecting large pile of coins from grasping arms (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Ukraine steps up its fight against financial crimes

Ukraine loses more than $11 billion every year in illicit financial outflows. The country is taking action to stop this drain on its resources.
Jamala, wearing a dark blue evening dress, smiling and holding a trophy and a bouquet of flowers (© AP Images)

Ukrainian wins Eurovision with a dramatic song

Eurovision crowned Ukraine’s Jamala — a Crimean Tatar who has not been home since Russia occupied the peninsula in March 2014 — as this year’s winner.
Justin Timberlake walking among crowd (© AP Images)

Welcome to America, Eurovision

For the first time, 50 million households across the U.S. will be able to watch a live broadcast of Europe's longest-running song contest.
Young man and woman holding Crimean Tatar flag (© AP Images)

Russia must lift the ban on the Crimean Tatars’ representative body

The international community calls on Russia to reverse a decision by the so-called Supreme Court in Crimea to ban the legislature of the Crimean Tatars.