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Row of people on stools speaking to press conference (© AP Images)

Batteries ready to power California grid

Peak-hours demand for energy in Southern California will soon be covered by batteries instead of plants burning natural gas.
President Trump holding up signed executive order (© AP Images)

A look back at how presidents made history with executive orders

What is the difference between an executive order and a presidential memo? Plenty. We also review some famous executive orders U.S. presidents have signed.
Person working with dropper in lab (Shutterstock)

New drug offers hope for people with aggressive cancers

A promising new drug, PF-06647020, targets cancers that spread quickly and are notoriously hard to cure, including some breast, ovarian and lung cancers.
Fitness trackers on an arm (© AP Images)

Catching a cold? Check your tech.

Fitness devices that track the number of steps a person takes could soon routinely do a lot more to monitor people's health.
Satya Nadella and two children looking at computer screen (© AP Images)

Students gather in U.S., abroad to learn coding [video]

Efforts to teach students how to write code for computer programs are spanning the globe.
Vintage black and white photo of group of young school children (© STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Melania Trump as Slovenians knew her

Melania Trump will soon become the second foreign-born first lady in a "nation of immigrants." Slovenians remember their native daughter.
Two people in front of freshdesk logo (VOA)video

Immigrants find success in Silicon Valley’s venture capital industry [video]

See how newcomers to America found success with venture capital in Silicon Valley's competitive technology industry.
Worker in hard hat operating power tamper next to solar panel array (© AP Images)

Solar power booms in Africa as new technology rolls out

New solar technology could help provide cheap power to many of the 600 million people in Africa who currently lack access to reliable electricity.
Storm clouds appearing over a rural home in a flat landscape (© AP Images)

Next-gen weather satellite to improve forecasting worldwide

A newly launched weather satellite could save lives by better predicting extreme weather.