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Snowy scene of a river and trees (NPS/Gordon Dietzman)

Visiting sacred Native American grounds at U.S. national parks

Adventurer Mikah Meyer has visited many U.S. national parks and been struck by the extent to which Native American history is part of so many.
People holding up their right hands for swearing-in ceremony (© AP Images)

Immigrants become citizens at U.S. national parks [video]

The U.S. National Park Service is marking its 100th anniversary by hosting more than 100 ceremonies to swear in new U.S. citizens.
Kathy Hochul at lectern ((© AP Images)

New York City banks on tech women

To get there, New York City is tripling its investment in programs for computer science students and hoping more women will sign up.
African girl smiling (© AP Images)

A 10-year-old girl could decide our future

Investing in girls' education could boost some countries' economies by billions of dollars, a report says. The age of 10 is pivotal for girls everywhere.
Hands holding 'I voted' sticker (© AP Images)

For many Americans, Election Day is already here

The majority of U.S. states allow some form of early voting, either in person or by mail-in ballots. Rules and deadlines differ by state.
Girls smiling in a classroom (Courtesy of Youth for Technology Foundation)

Nigerian girls to get 3-D training

Some 6,000 Nigerian girls will get training in 3-D printing, business skills, literacy and more to help them find apprenticeships or start businesses.
Voter walking into polling place (© AP Images)

Why is the U.S. general election held on a Tuesday in...

Ever wonder why the U.S. general election is held on a Tuesday in November? One reason is the country's agricultural past. See what the other reason is.
Runners crossing the finish line of a race (Courtesy of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association/Waleed Ahmad Khan)

Islam ‘is about serving people,’ says youth organizer

A Muslim youth group wanted to give back to their neighborhood so hosted a 5K run/walk in Washington to raise money for a local food bank.
Woman singing into microphone (VOA via YouTube)

Culture keeps Houston’s Vietnamese community strong [video]

The Vietnamese community in Houston thrives because its members use their native language during special events and in their daily lives.