Before Skype there was the long distance call, and before email you had to wait for the postman to arrive. Both innovations not only allowed people to save a lot of money and time, but they also managed to disrupt and transform the entire communications world.

On November 14 at 16:00 GMT, Rich Barton, one of the most successful American disruptive innovators, will be on hand to explain how disruptive entrepreneurship works and take your questions.

Barton is the co-founder and chairman of the online real estate database Zillow and the job search site Glassdoor. He will be joined by Ovidiu Bujorean, who manages the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative.

If your idea can ultimately lower prices or provide a more convenient service, it could very well disrupt the status quo and cause the restructuring of an entire industry. Join the November 14 online discussion and learn more, and take a look at other ShareAmerica stories about some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs.