Celebrities join in the fight against climate change [video]

“One day we will wake up to find we have literally changed the face of the Earth,” actor Morgan Freeman says in this video, which was shown recently to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit. The message: Coal, oil and natural gas are causing the temperature of the Earth to rise quickly, and we can’t wait for tomorrow for alternative energy sources.

Other actors are using their star power to raise awareness of climate change. Cameron Diaz was one of the first celebrities to veer away from fossil fuels by driving a hybrid car. She made headlines by arriving at the Academy Awards in a Toyota Prius.

Leonardo DiCaprio driving hybrid car to fight climate change (AP Images)
Leonardo DiCaprio in a hybrid car (AP Images)

Leonardo DiCaprio, himself a hybrid car owner, produced a film about global warming and serves on the boards of environmental organizations. Brad Pitt founded an organization to rebuild houses destroyed in a hurricane with ecofriendly materials. Harrison Ford traveled to Indonesia to take a firsthand look at the toll of deforestation in a television series about climate change.

“I hope to use my ‘celebrity’ to motivate people and contribute to moving our global society back from the brink,” said Don Cheadle on a United Nations Global Ambassador initiative. “I am surprised environment is not at the top of the agenda. What is more important than food and clean air?”

You can make a difference too. Talk to your friends and family about the dangers of a warmer planet, from human health risks to agricultural threats. Learn about renewable sources of energy for your home and on the go. Even small acts such as recycling waste or biking can help in the fight against climate change.