Chinese students welcome at U.S. schools

During his trip to Asia, President Trump called Chinese students attending U.S. colleges “great students and tremendous assets.”

Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Marie Royce reminded some 500 international educators of the president’s words recently when she spoke at the EducationUSA Forum in Washington. “We value the presence of students from China on our campuses, in our communities and in our country,” she said.

Marie Royce speaking at a lectern (State Dept.)
Marie Royce at the annual EducationUSA Forum (State Dept.)

Royce underscored her hope for further educational exchanges — and the increased understanding that follows — among Chinese, other international students and Americans.

U.S. colleges help international students during their time on campus. Many schools offer peer mentors — from older students tutoring at writing centers or serving as resident assistants in dormitories — to assigned “buddies,” classmates ready to answer questions and just be friendly. In the fall, to help students socialize, some colleges host “Football 101” seminars to acquaint newcomers with American football rules before the first big game.

And when it comes to academic learning, Royce says, “U.S. higher education experience is all about gaining critical thinking skills, having freedom of expression and developing independent thought.”

Students who want to study in the U.S. can find resources at EducationUSA.

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