Global coalition unwavering in fight against Daesh terrorists

A U.S. military aircraft returns after a coalition mission against Daesh targets. (© AP Images)

John Allen, special presidential envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, has a message for Daesh terrorists.

“With the coalition we have now assembled and through our coordinated action, we send a clear and unambiguous message: the international community will not waver in its collective resolve to degrade and defeat this shared threat,” Allen said about the terror group. “We will not accept this as the new normal, and never cease to be outraged.”

Speaking April 17 at the East Asia Summit Symposium in Singapore, Allen said the global coalition of 60 countries is taking a toll on Daesh in Iraq.

“Today, less than 10 months after Daesh fighters were threatening Baghdad, and eight months after President Obama called for a Global Coalition to counter Daesh, we have achieved the first phase of our campaign: we have blunted Daesh’s strategic, operational, and tactical momentum in Iraq,” Allen said.

Airstrikes by global coalition participants in Operation Inherent Resolve inflict damage to Daesh targets in Iraq and Syria on an ongoing basis. See the latest information on coalition airstrikes against Daesh by clicking on the map.

Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said April 16 that he is encouraged by the commitment of the global coalition and progress with the Iraqi government to degrade and defeat Daesh.

“The offensive north of Baghdad has been deliberate, measured, steady progress,” Dempsey said about recent gains against Daesh.

Allen stressed that defeating Daesh in Iraq needs continued resolve from the global coalition.

“Make no mistake: Iraq has a tough road ahead,” Allen said. “Supporting a secure and stable Iraq will require a sustained effort from the coalition.”