Visiting the United States? There are 50 states to see. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, Colorado’s the state for you!

Need a pit stop on your road trip? Pull over to Red Rocks Amphitheatre and you can check out over 300 dinosaur footprints and even some fossilized bones at Dinosaur Ridge.

Something else you don’t see every day? The tallest sand dunes in North America. The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve lies right next to a mountain.

Quarters (25-cent coins), dimes (10-cent coins) and nickels (five-cent coins) are pieces of currency you’ll see every day in the United States, and if you visit Denver you can see how they’re made at the Denver Mint.

Read more about Colorado and check out the other 49 states. If you need a visa to visit, here’s how to get one.

(State Dept.)

Hit the slopes

Ski resorts in Colorado are hailed as the best in the country. From “bunny hills” like this one, for beginners, to steep mountainsides for more advanced skiers, there’s something for everyone.

Play ball!

Coors Field in downtown Denver is home to the Colorado Rockies, the state baseball team, which is named after the Rocky Mountain range. People take more Instagram pictures here than at any other site in the state.

Rolling back in time

Ride a 1950s-style locomotive train through rocks! You can do it on the Royal Gorge Route, a popular, scenic tourist destination in Colorado.

Don’t look down

This climber is shown scaling a mountain of rock near Fort Collins, one of many Colorado peaks that attract dedicated fitness buffs.

Burritos for breakfast

Breakfast burritos, although common across the United States, are especially popular in Colorado. With all the outdoor activities offered in the state, it’s no surprise people want to eat a big breakfast!