From the White House to the headquarters of America’s most innovative companies, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is getting an up-close view of the United States on a visit intended to deepen the two nations’ commercial relationship.

The three-week tour also has presented Americans with a clear glimpse of the future of his modernizing kingdom, which is closely linked to its economic and security partnership with the United States.

The crown prince met with President Trump, Cabinet officials and chief executives as well as founders of Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Google. He visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, and he toured the Boeing Company’s factory as well as Virgin Galactic’s test site.

Trump, who visited Saudi Arabia in May 2017, says relations with the Middle East ally have never been closer.

The crown prince has stressed that his country is changing as it pursues economic reforms to reduce dependence on oil, returns to a more moderate interpretation of Islam, and expands women’s rights and role in the workplace. The trip wraps up April 7 in Houston.