Man in business attire using rope to climb mountain (© Shutterstock/Brian A. Jackson)
(© Shutterstock/Brian A. Jackson)

The path to full-fledged business success can be a rocky one. If you are a small-business owner, you no doubt have already faced challenges and will also experience future setbacks as your business or organization grows.

Ecuador-born Nina Vaca — who chairs Pinnacle Group, one of the largest tech-services firms in the U.S. — shares this advice about perseverance:

Latino wisdom that works for anyone

ShareAmerica asked entrepreneurs across Latin America to share good advice they’ve received after professional setbacks:

  1. Face your mistakes. The value of learning from them is so much greater than always trying to avoid them and doing things perfectly. — Bibi from Guatemala
  2. Each failure offers you a chance to learn, reimagine, recreate and reintroduce a better you and a better product. — Simera from Barbados
  3. Find what makes you different and exploit it into a competitive advantage. — Francisco from Peru
  4. Every mistake is really an opportunity. Take a break, and reevaluate the way you are working. Take a deep breath and keep going. — Cristóbal from Honduras
  5. Develop positive relationships with everyone along the way. The right attitude and genuine consideration for others can really open doors. — Deidre from Trinidad and Tobago
  6. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity. Always be prepared — opportunities come when you least expect them. — Judason from Guyana
  7. Measure success not by the money you make but by how many lives you change.
    — Andres from Colombia
  8. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you have the power to make a positive impact in the world, beginning with your community. — Gladys Violeta from El Salvador
  9. Difficulties are part of professional experience. Practice makes perfect, and constant growth consolidates us as successful professionals. — Joseleny from Venezuela
  10. Build a team you feel comfortable working with and that shares your vision. Then trust and empower your team. — Leonardo from Uruguay