Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi waving his arm (© Money Sharma/AFP via Getty Images)
Young entrepreneurs are transforming India, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (© Money Sharma/AFP via Getty Images)

The eighth Global Entrepreneurship Summit is over, but its impact will be long-lasting.

Ripple effects from the gathering of 1,500 budding entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and policymakers in Hyderabad, India, will play out well into the future. Some tech proposals may be wildly successful, and even the failures may inspire young innovators to come back with better ideas.

At the summit, female delegates shared dramatic examples of what running a business is doing for them, their families and societies. As White House adviser and U.S. delegation head Ivanka Trump told participants, “You are saving lives, creating jobs and bringing hope to our communities.”

Hear Selima Ahmad, president of the Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and one of many participants energized by the summit, describe her experience.