Cette série de conversations en anglais suit une famille qui part en voyage aux États-Unis. Allez avec elle à la découverte des passe-temps et de l’histoire associés aux lieux qu’elle visite. Ces conversations s’adressent à des personnes ayant un niveau d’anglais intermédiaire, voire plus avancé.

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Dans cette conversation, la famille longe la côte du Maine en voiture.

Cliquez sur le lien audio et écoutez la conversation tout en la lisant ci-dessous. Les mots importants sont expliqués à la fin, en anglais, de façon à favoriser une immersion totale dans la langue. Certains sont suivis d’une brève traduction ou explication en français.

Paul: This is a beautiful drive up the Maine coastline.

Gina: I still can’t believe how many lighthouses we’ve seen.

Paul: Well, the coastline is pretty rocky, so it makes sense that they’d need a lot of lighthouses. They guide the sailors and fishermen safely to the harbor.

Gina: That’s a good point. And it’s a long coastline.

Sam: Well, I’m hoping we get to see a moose and not just more lighthouses.

Claudine: The guidebook says there are about 75,000 moose in Maine, but I don’t think we’ll see one along the coast.

Sam: That’s too bad. Well, what else is Maine famous for?

Claudine: Lobster! It’s a staple dish of many of the restaurants in the state. We definitely should eat some before we leave.

Un peu de vocabulaire

coastline is the boundary between land and the ocean. A coast is the land along the ocean or sea. (La côte, le littoral)

lighthouse is a tower on or near the coast. A lighthouse has a strong light used to guide ships away from danger. (Un phare)

Rocky means having many rocks. (Rocheux, rocheuse)

harbor is an area of water on the coast that is protected and deep enough to provide safety to ships. (Un port)

moose is a large animal with very large, flat antlers, which are a type of horn. It is the official state animal of Maine. Moose is a countable noun, but the plural of moose is moose. One moose, two moose, etc. (Un élan, appelé orignal en Amérique du Nord)

guidebook is a book with information for travelers and tourists. (Un guide touristique)

lobster is a sea creature with a long body, a hard, black shell, and a pair of large claws. Claws are curved and pointed arms for catching and holding things. The shell of a lobster turns bright red when it is boiled. (Un homard)

staple dish is a dish, or a food prepared in a particular way, that is eaten routinely among a group of people or in a certain geographic region. (Une spécialité culinaire)

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