Cette série de conversations en anglais suit une famille qui part en voyage aux États-Unis. Allez avec elle à la découverte des passe-temps et de l’histoire associés aux lieux qu’elle visite. Ces conversations s’adressent à des personnes ayant un niveau d’anglais intermédiaire, voire plus avancé.

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La famille est maintenant au Rhode Island, où elle va visiter l’International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Gina: Sam, you will love Rhode Island. It is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Sam: That’s awesome. We’re going to go see it, right?

Paul: Yes, of course. We know how much you love tennis. And the Hall of Fame honors players and others who have contributed to the sport of tennis.

Sam: Induction into the Hall of Fame must be an incredible honor.

Claudine: Keep practicing. Maybe you’ll get inducted one day.

Gina: Before we head to the Hall of Fame, we’re all going to enjoy a day of sailing. The sailing in Newport is some of the best sailing in the country.

Paul: For the smallest state in the U.S., there’s a lot to see and do here.

Un peu de vocabulaire

The phrase home to in the sentence “Rhode Island is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame” means that the International Tennis Hall of Fame is in Rhode Island.

A Hall of Fame is like a museum, where people can visit. It houses displays and information about people from a particular sport or activity. The International Tennis Hall of Fame honors players and other contributors to the sport of tennis. (Temple de la renommée)

When Sam asks, “We’re going to go see it, right?” he uses a tag question. A tag question is a special construction in English. It is a statement followed by a short question, such as right?, isn’t it?, aren’t you?. We usually use tag questions to ask for confirmation. (N’est-ce pas ?)

To contribute means to increase, improve or add to something. (Contribuer)

An induction is the formal process or ceremony of placing someone into a new job, position, group, organization, etc. To induct is to officially make someone a member of an organization, group, etc. (Intronisation)

The word honor can have slightly different meanings. In this context, honor is used to mean something that shows that other people have respect for you.

Sailing is the sport or activity of traveling on water in a boat with sails, also called a sailboat. (Faire de la voile)

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